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Public Service Announcement

March 30, 2020

March 30, 2020. At Tenix, we want to thank all front line workers who put their health at risk on a daily basis to assist during this catastrophic pandemic. We would also like to thank all property managers for doing everything they can by helping their condo communities each and every day.

Everyone at Tenix solutes you all.

No Annual Fee For Property Managers

Across North America

At a time where social distancing is a number one priority, it's critical to have a user friendly system in place within your condo community that allows for online communications and requests. From the comfort of their homes, residents can view critical messages, perform online functions, and much more - alleviating the need to interact with concierge or heading down to the Property Management office.

It's also just as important for property managers to keep their distance from residents until this pandemic flattens out. This is why Tenix is proud to do its part by offering it's highly rated solution at no annual fee for property managers across North America.

Property Management Software

Just some of the benefits:

Simplify and automate the most common requests

Forget paper cheques, using a paper-based booking system, and forcing your residents to use up your time performing basic bookings and requests.

Quick access to information

Whether you want to find resident, tenant, offsite owner information, past bookings, transaction records, or library documents, Tenix makes it super simple

Easy Online Payments

We partner with the most reliable providers in North America to help you facilitate online payments for fobs, keys, parking passes, security deposits, and more.

History at your fingertips

Keep track of keys that were signed out, reservations that were made, past notifications and even parking passes that were printed. All time and date stamped and easily accessible.


Residents will appreciate you

People want access to services on demand and Tenix does just that. Give your residents the gift of convenience on a good looking, easy to use platform.


Better Communication

Post notifications by building, floor, or units from any device easily and have them sent to your screens, or by text, or email. It's that easy.


It's all about the experience.

Tenix is an easy to use, thoughtfully designed platform that helps facilitate everyday administration and communication resulting in a more efficient, transparent, and engaged condominium community.

Tenix was carefully built based 100% on input from property managers, concierge team members, security guards, and residents.

Experience Tenix today.

Property Management Programs


Simplify your operations with the following FEATURES:

Landlord Property Management

Amenity booking management

Manage amenity bookings easily on a clean and clutter-free interface.

Best Property Management Software

Incident Reporting

Easily log, view, file, or retrieve incident reports within seconds. Attach them to units or individuals for future reference with ease.

Best Property Management Software

Security Logs

Help keep your team up to speed by easily adding and viewing critical logs.

Apartment Management Software

Parking Control

Enter or approve parking requests and then print up a parking pass or go paperless by providing your security company with online access to authorized vehicles.

Property Management System


Send important notices or announcements by complex, building, floor, or unit easily and have them delivered by email, text, or to your display boards.

Property Management App

Reporting Centre

Clean and clear reporting - on demand and in a flash.

Online Property Management